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Our Vision

To make digital commerce better for everyone

  • Fairer for merchants and entrepreneurs

  • Cheaper prices and more delightful experiences for consumers

  • More efficient for logistics service providers

  • Faster for developers

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We achieve this by adhering to these values we set out for ourselves.

1. Putting Merchants First

The success of merchants and entrepreneurs is central to the success of our mission. When we apply the “merchants first” lens, everything else follows from it naturally.


2. Being an Owner

Every member of our team is empowered to get things done. We never say “that’s not my job”. We act in the interest of the entire company, and not one particular team/product/etc. Specific ways in which we demonstrate ownership are:

Staying the Course

Arriving at answers that work often takes trial and error. We work with the stamina it takes to creatively solve all the problems we take ownership of.

Knowing that the devil is in the details

Just delivering answers isn’t good enough for us. We ensure that our articulation is simple, precise and meaningful with evidence of our dedication in the smallest and the seemingly insignificant parts. We document our work for everyone's reference so that the context is seamlessly transferred across our teams.

Constantly Innovating

We look outwards and inwards as we solve problems. We bring new ideas/hacks/processes that set us way ahead in the game.

3. Thinking Long Term 

While short term thinking can help us stay accountable to our mission, it is long term thinking that builds trust and allows us to think beyond quarterly goals to truly serve our community. We demonstrate long term thinking by:

Building a utility

A utility works behind the scenes and does not come in between the merchant and their customer.

Unbundling the stack

Unbundling ensures that no single entity in the ecosystem has power disproportionate to the value they create.

Building transparency

We give all stakeholders the data and intelligence that enable them to make winning decisions.


4. Getting Things Done 

We believe that getting things done is better than waiting for the perfect implementation (if there is such a thing, at all!). We don’t confuse outputs for outcomes, or activity for results. We believe in running experiments and iterating our approach to meet the dynamic demands of merchants and consumers. Specific ways in which we demonstrate a bias for action are: 

Embracing Not Knowing

We work with whatever information is available even if it’s not exhaustive. We proactively seek out the information we need to get our job done rather than waiting for someone to provide it.

Being Early Adapters

Embrace change without being rigid. We are not married to any technology stack, management philosophy or principles (other than the ones listed in this document). We never say “but that’s not how it’s done here”.


5. Creating Simple Solutions

A technically brilliant but hard-to-use solution is much less likely to be useful in the real world than a simple and easy-to-use one. We relentlessly invent and innovate to deliver the simplest possible solutions to merchants. Specific ways in which we demonstrate this value are:

Never Stop Questioning

We don’t have all the answers. However, with a combination of curiosity and the discipline of self-learning, we are able to discover non-obvious answers.

Looking Beyond the Obvious

We solve problems often by an indirect and creative approach, by viewing the problem in a new and unusual light.


6. Fostering Relationships 

Being born in the post-Covid new world order, we are location-independent but we constantly strive to build a human connection. We humanize every problem and interaction. We form strong connections within the team, with merchants and with partners. Specific ways in which we demonstrate this value are:

Believing in Being Better Together

We collaborate efficiently using the right tools and believe that each member of the team adds unique value and insights.

Celebrating Difference

Of opinions, ideas, backgrounds and perspectives. Diversity is just not a value on paper, we enable ecosystems so that our differences are respected and celebrated.

Proactively Seeking Feedback

We know our actions have to translate into meaning - that they do indeed solve our customer's pain points. We actively listen to them and incorporate the suggestions in our ways of delighting them.


7. Being Purpose-driven

Peppo is driven by the purpose to make a dent in the digital commerce universe by using technology for the greater good. Towards this end, we:

Apply Fairness as a Design Principle

We design solutions in which no stakeholder can be exploited due to the vested interests of another.

Commit to Ethical Use of Data

Peppo will never use a merchant’s data to power their competition.

8. Letting Your True Self Shine

Finally, being a Pepster is not about ticking off qualities from a checklist - it’s about being fun, creative, passionate and disarmingly honest about who you are. We bring our best selves to work but are not afraid to admit to mistakes and failures.

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