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The Peppo Advantage

Peppo enables restaurant discovery, order management and intelligent rider assignment.  We invest in tools to make order data accessible and useful for your direct customer engagement.

Access via Low Transaction Fee

Pay only ₹15 or 15% per order, whichever is lower. Irrespective of the order value!

Control Your Discounts

You decide every aspect of offers and discounts; Peppo empowers you to custom create the best way for you!

Deliver Your Way

Peppo gives the flexibility to deliver the food by your delivery staff or use one from our trusted partners’ fleet.​​

Know Your Customer

You get complete access to your customer data and order history to be able to better serve your customers.

Delight Your Customers

You get complete access to manage your entire menu digitally and have your store set up done in minutes for you to start taking your orders! 

Power Seamless Settlements

Peppo enables timely payouts and settlements for you, with an automated 24*7 dispute resolution process.

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