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From the Founder's Desk - we're in the news 🏆

When new ideas, disruptive technologies and sustainable business models come together, magic happens!

Firstly, thank you. For continuing to serve food to your customers amidst a global pandemic. We would have been worse off without your commitment.

Also, this feels real. To be able to witness you using a product that we have built with so much passion and hope that it would be able to serve you, right.

Our journey was recently covered in the news (Times of India and Tech Circle). This would not have happened without early believers like you, endorsing the vision we see for the #OrderDirect Movement!

We have always wanted to co-create what it takes for you and your restaurants to profitably run your business, exactly the way you want to run it. As you prepare delicious meals for us, you should retain your revenues, customer data and control.

What Peppo really does is this: Be a bridge between your customers and you, without taking the limelight. Customers don’t see us, they see you. They see your menu, your brand, your hold on your cuisine in their communities.

Our tech and our vision are at the heart of so many important breakthroughs that will impact your business. We expect this critical period will be no different. The entire team at Peppo thanks you for the tremendous support you have shown us and we will prove worthy of your trust.

Congratulations on joining the revolution - we are indeed a #ForceForGoodFood.


Naman Pugalia

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