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Peppo's deliveries are now 3x stronger!

As a product company, one of our central tenets at Peppo is to build you the technological infrastructure that makes your restaurant's online deliveries easy and profitable. To that effect, we are thrilled to announce our strategic fleet partnerships.

Peppo has partnered and integrated with Dunzo, Shadowfax and WeFast to provide seamless, no-hassle delivery for our restaurant partners.

With three reliable, best-in-class delivery partners to zip your orders to your customers, Peppo is now servicing 200+ restaurants across 60 pin codes all over India and getting better every day. There's never been a better time for you as a restaurant to pursue your #OrderDirect journey on your own terms.

Here's how these partnerships enable your smart deliveries. Whenever a customer goes to your checkout page:

1. Peppo fetches the delivery charges for that particular order from all the delivery partner’s systems.

2. Peppo’s algorithm then automatically selects the best partner for the order, based on the price and reliability history of the partner.

3. The exact same delivery charge is passed on to the customer (or a restaurant may choose to absorb some part of it - coming soon!)

You are free to use your own restaurant delivery fleets and you can decide any delivery fee to be charged to your customers.

May you happily serve your customers, now with Peppo - 3x stronger!

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